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Zombie Society #1 Zombie Society #1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good, the story nice and I really liked the idea of zombies having problems with a human breakout, but if I had one problem, it would be that the exposition is poorly delivered and it sometimes make the conversations fell awkward, I mean, who just states stuff of their every day life in the middle of a conversation? It would be like someone in real life going "Oh Bob, this electricity sure is great, it comes from the hydroelectric plant, the water makes the turbines work and it produces the electricity to make the TV work". But that's the only problem I can see with the writing, everything else is great, I'm anxious for the next chapter.

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Muja responds:

Mmhh, I understand what you're saying and yet I don't really know what scene in particular you're referring to.
I'll try to be more careful in the future nonetheless.

Thank you for your review and your compliments! :D

An old child's memories An old child's memories

Rated 2 / 5 stars

If I didn't know any better, I would say that you just didn't know how to animate Video-Game sprites, and then came up with the idea of making all children drawings, well that still doesn't excuse you for the shitty walking animations. But graphics are a thing, let's go to the gameplay. It's bad. Not shit, but bad, first of, the bullets are way to small and bright, you simply CAN'T see them on the white background, make them black or something. Second, the collision detection, if there are two enemies on the same spot, and you jump in one of them, you get killed. That's a horrible bug that literally makes some of the parts impossible to go through. And third, there is no momento to the jump, you just release the right or left button, and the guy just stops, this is kinda of a nitpick, but it would make the game a little better. Now, if it was just that, I would just rate the game one star and leave it with that, but there's one thing that made this game different: The two player mode. Not for actually playing with two people, but the helper made the game a lot better and even fixed some of the problems I had with the game. In my opinion, you should make it so we can play with the WASD, and make the whole game based around the helper, make so we can bounce on the helper and maybe he can even attack, keep the idea of controlling two things at the same time and improve it, I really think it would make your game a little more original than the hundreds of other games like that.

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brainstorm18 responds:

I don't know why, this time I animated this game very bad. About the helper I maked that for 2 persons playing at the same time. But if yu liked the idea, may I'll put that in some games.

Hover 2030 Hover 2030

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good little platformer, controls were nice and the tutorial (besides obviously the button inputs) was all given through gameplay. But if I did had a problem with it, I guess it would just be nitpicks, like why can't I control it with the arrow keys? Some people would be a lot more comfortable with that, and it seems like something that could be fixed with only 4 lines of code. Also, at the end of the game, with all those coins right at the end, I know it probably sounded like a good idea on paper, people like to collect stuff and putting a lot of stuff would probably be good. Well, it didn't quite work, mostly because it would be the same thing as just collecting one single coin to open the door, only costing a little more time, and considering that your game seems to encourage speed runs, making something that slow down the pace of the game seems kinda contradictory. And why can't the levels that were already completed be selected? It would make it a lot easier to re-try them and get better times, maybe even a thing saying what was your previous best time, that would encourage the replay. But yeah, those are just nitpicks, the game at the end was pretty neatly designed, I specially like how you made respawning cost a little bit of time, making it like the people who want to do speed runs try to avoid death, and the people that are just playing to complete the game just be mildly annoyed when they die, instead of rage quitting because of a game over. Keep up the good work

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Russpuppy responds:

thanks for playing and your review! this is my first release so I do plan on adding a lot of things you've mentioned. You're right, the arrow keys is a must and easy addition, I'll try to add that in soon

Seven Days Without Rain Seven Days Without Rain

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Sorry, but it isn't a very good game. I understand what you tried to do, a cool little art game with a twist at the end, but sorry, the are a number of faults with this.
First, the story. It feels like it was done just for the sake of getting people to think, but without any thought put in it, kinda like an abstract painting that is made when someones cat spills ink over a piece of paper, some people will find some art in it, but for me it's just a random glue holding together a bunch of mini-games. If you did this with any kind of deep message behind it, sorry, but I didn't get it, unless it's an obvious message of something like "people do bad things for good reasons sometimes, but they still get punished", in that case, it still doesn't work, mostly because the guy wasn't stealing most of the time, he was just getting stuff from his own closet and giving it to other people, the only times he actually stole stuff it was just for him and him alone.

Second, the linearity. Usually games with a simple gameplay like this are very open-ended, maybe you could have done something is which you choose if you want to give stuff to people or not, like your character walks really slow and hurts himself when he walks, but instead of buying a shoe to protect his feet from the hard and sharp soil, he gives the money to a hungry kid. With all that linearity, we are left with, again, a random glue holding together a bunch of the mini-games.

And the third problem, the gameplay. The gameplay is the only thing this game has going for it, since the story isn't that good and the game is as linear as a guitar string, the only thing we can hope for is the gameplay, right? Nope, the gameplay consists of a bunch of mini-games, some of which requires out right guessing (did you know that it's mathematically impossible to win the match the pairs game without guessing or getting lucky at least one time? I did the math) and are all boring and cliche.

If you improved a bit in all the areas, I say we would have a game worth playing, but as it is, it's just a mess with the sole purpose of being artistic and delivering a message, but forgetting what the message is.

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Pony Tetris Pony Tetris

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well, it's Tetris, just that. It doesn't offer anything new, and the fact that when you press down the piece instantly falls is a huge drawback for the gameplay. The graphics are dull (that pony looks like a giraffe) and the music get's really annoying really fast, it only resembles theme A at the start, and then it goes to a country style or something, and it just repeats, it's horrible. It's just another bad Tetris clone, you play it expecting that and it delivers exactly that.